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Integem Holographic AR STEAM PROGRAM:

Enable Every Student to Program, Design, and Innovate with Future Tech

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Why Integem Holographic AR?

Leap to the Future
Would you like to travel into the universe in the blink of an eye? Would you like to play with magical creatures anytime you with? What if you could create an action-packed 3D Holographic AR game? How about an immersive and interactive 3D movie where anyone can be the protagonist? What if you could turn your imagination into real engineering innovations? Join us to turn your wildest imaginations into life via your own program & design!

Have great fun while gaining advanced knowledge, skills and capabilities
Imagine you could have this kind of learning environment: you are working on things you are really interested in; and you can relish in your imagination without physical space limiting you. While you are turning your imagination into reality, you naturally gain a great deal of advanced knowledge, skills, and capabilities in programming, science, technology, engineering, art, math, designing, creation, visual communication, public speaking, social skills and empathy, etc..

About Integem Holographic AR Education Program

Our small classes ensure attention to each student. Our curriculums are specifically designed to make learning personalized, intuitive and enjoyable. Students will learn at their own pace. We enable every student to program, design, and innovate with Holographic AR. It is suitable for students with all knowledge levels in programing. Students will learn about Holographic Augmented Reality (Holographic AR) and create their own immersive experiences! You can choose the camps from your own age group: Junior Voyagers (Ages 6-8), Young Explorers (Ages 8-10), Teen Adventurers (Ages 10-14), or High school Creators (Ages 14+).

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Integem Holographic AR STEAM Courses:

What will your students learn?

* These concepts may be included in more advanced courses

  • Holographic AR Programming
  • Creative Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • UI/UX
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Design Art and Animation
  • Logic
  • Visual Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • 3D Modeling
  • Game Design
  • Movie Creation
  • News Reporting
  • Engineering Innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Math
  • Empathy
  • Fun

Learning Styles

Project-based Learning
Peer Learning (Show and Tell)
Collaborative Learning
Supportive Learning
Strategy Learning
Meta-Cognitive Learning

What Our Students Say About Us

"I like to play my project when I finally made it work."

Kevin, 2nd Grade

"AR camp is the best. I wish I could come everyday!"

Steve, 6th Grade

"The teachers are always there to help when I have a problem."

Judy, 10th Grade

"The AR camps boost her self-confidence, logic thinking and technical skills.."

Jen's Mom

"My son came home satisfied after achieving a lot after one week of camp.""

Kevin's Mom

"It was a great experience for him to go through the design, implementation and presentation stages."

Andrae's Mom

What Our Parents Say About Us

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