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Integem Holographic AR STEAM PROGRAM:

Inspire and Empower Your Students to Program, Design, and Innovate with Future Tech

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Why Holographic AR Steam Education

Our children are our future. Our first priority should be providing the best education to them and equipping them with future-forwarding capabilities, skills, and knowledge.

Integem Holographic AR STEAM education provides schools the opportunity to enable your students to learn to program, design, and innovate with future tech as well as preparing children for their future careers.

The Integem STEAM education program is complimentary to existing school curriculums. It can be directly plugged into the regular school curriculum as an Innovation program or included as part of enrichment program as an after-school program, a winter camp, and/or a summer camp.

We have successfully offered Integem Holographic AR STEAM Education Program in the past two years at:


  • Homestead High School
  • Cupertino City
  • Sunflower Learning Center

Palo Alto:

  • Gunn High School
  • Palo Alto Cubberley Community Center


  • Danville City


  • Mission San Jose High School

Melo Park/Atherton:

  • Encinal School
10X Students increase from 2018 to 2019
35 Holographic AR Courses
4000+ Holographic AR Projects
Integem Holographic AR STEAM Courses:

What will your students learn?

* These concepts may be included in more advanced courses

  • Holographic AR Programming
  • Creative Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • UI/UX
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Design Art and Animation
  • Logic
  • Visual Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • 3D Modeling
  • Game Design
  • Movie Creation
  • News Reporting
  • Engineering Innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Math
  • Empathy
  • Fun

Learning Styles

Project-based Learning
Peer Learning (Show and Tell)
Collaborative Learning
Supportive Learning
Strategy Learning
Meta-Cognitive Learning

What we offer?

Our scientifically developed curriculum is the key of a successful and sustainable education program.

  • Comprehensive Lesson Plans & Instruction Guidelines

    Comprehensive lesson plans and detailed instruction materials makes it easy for teachers to facilitate learning.

  • Online Learning Materials

    Provides students complimentary online learning materials and resources to learn at their own pace.

  • Group discussion

    Group discussions are an important part of our curriculums and help further connect students with one another and improves their communication and collaboration skills.

  • Hands-on Projects

    Our curriculums focuses on hands-on project-based learning. Each student will create his/her own Holographic AR projects.

  • Flexible Teaching Structures

    Our curriculums can be used for Innovation Program, Afterschool Program, Winter Camp, and/or Summer Camp Programs.

  • In-person Training

    Our in-person training program enables teachers to learn directly from experienced trainers about how to design, program, innovate, and teach with Holographic AR.

  • Online Training

    Our complimentary online teacher training program makes it convenient for teachers to learn more.

  • Teaching Assistant Program

    After finishing the technical training program, teachers will first be a teaching assistant to acquire first-hand, in-classroom teaching experience before being certified as an authorized Integem Holographic AR STEAM education program teacher.

  • Teacher Continuous Learning Program

    We provide a lot of continuous learning opportunities and programs to help teachers keep learning and improving.

We ensure every teacher is adequately trained and prepared before teaching students.

We provide teachers or teacher trainers as needed.

  • High-quality teachers

    We can provide experienced and certified teachers in Holographic AR STEAM Education to your school to teach students.

  • Teacher Trainers

    We can provide teacher trainers to your school to help you train your teachers in teaching Holographic AR STEAM programs.

  • Equipment

    We will provide necessary technological equipment for the Holographic AR STEAM program for your classes.

  • Software

    We will provide necessary software to run Holographic AR STEAM program for the classes.

  • Learning management system

    Parents/teachers can see students progress via our online learning management system, which they can access from any device(computers, iPads, or smart phones), anywhere, and any time.

  • Cloud-based resources

    All the resources and students' projects are stored in the cloud for students, parents, and teachers to access.

We provide all necessary technology for the program.

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