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We enable you to provide future-forwarding STEAM education opportunities for your students. Join us to create a brand new teaching experience: program, design, and innovate with Holographic AR.

About Integem Holographic AR education program

We enable you to provide future-forwarding STEAM education opportunities for your students. Join us to create a brand new teaching experience: program, design, and innovate with Holographic AR.

Our curriculums integrates innovatively and provides personalized project-based learning. online and offline education. Since 2018, we successfully offered Integem Holographic AR education program in Silicon Valley to over 500 students from high income families.

Our CEO and Founder Dr. Eliza Du is a recognized expert in the field with over 10 years education experience as a tenured professor and Ph.D. advisor at Purdue Univ., and our engineers and designers are top experts in the field.

Our mission is to empower people with the capability of turning imagination to reality with Holographic AR.
We try our best to make it happen

10X Students increase from 2018 to 2019
10+ Applied patents
3 Major trademarks

What we offer?

Our scientifically developed curriculum is the key of a successful and sustainable education program.

  • Online courses

    All of the courses are on our online learning management system, which you could access from any device, any where.

  • Instruction

    Instructions are another core part of our AR curriculum, in which teachers will instruct students on fundamental concepts such as design thinking basics, interaction mappings, etc.

  • Group discussion

    Group discussions are essential for students to learn from each other. Our curriculum involves group discussions to facilitate students’ creativity and collaboration skills.

  • Hands-on training

    Hands-on training is used to give students an intuitive overview of holographic AR and other science concepts.

We make sure all teachers are trained and certified for holographic AR education.

  • Online

    We provide you with online teacher training program so you could conveniently study the courses. We also provide you with handy resources online.

  • Offline

    Offline trainings are also available. We hold regular teacher training workshops on-site and certify teachers with holographic AR teaching certifications.

With Integem brand and resources, you could attract even more students.

  • Branding

    You could open your education program under the name of “Integem”, who is the best holographic AR education provider in the world.

  • Co-Marketing

    We could also help you co-marketing your education program with our resources.

We provide you with all neccessary technologies for you to jump start your education program.

  • iCreator

    As the core of Holographic AR, iCreator enables people to program their own AR experience with a graphic based programming interface.

  • iPlayer

    As another core of Holographic AR, iPlayer execute the holographic AR projects from iCreator and create the real holographic AR experience for users

  • Learning management system

    The learning management system will be used to store all course materials. Students could access the content from any device, any time, and any place.

  • Cloud-based resources

    A cloud-based platform,, is used to store all the resources and projects, including 2D, 3D, sound, and holographic AR resources.

Our courses are scientifically designed for students of all ages, from juniors to high schoolers.

  • Diverse topics

    Our cuorses cover all kinds of topics. From space/nature exploration, to movie and news design, to AI and engineering. Students could take courses regarding both real and imaginative world.

  • Multidisplinary concepts

    During our courses, we not only teach students how to use Holographic AR softwares, but also programming concepts, design thinking skills, collaboration skills, as well as storytelling and public spearking skills.

  • Designed for all age groups

    Our courses are designed for all age groups, from juniors of 5-7 to high school students of 14+.

We provide courses of different levels and topics for students of all ages and technical backgrounds.

We offer courses for 4 age groups:

Junior (age 5-7), Young (age 8-10), Teen (age 10-14), High School (age 14+)

Our courses cover topics from space exploration to AI engineering.

Tools we use to facilitate our education program

Online Learning Management System

Easy student and course control panel Keep everything in one place

Cloud-based Resource and Project Sharing

Handy tool for uploading and downloading projects.

Join us today to open your own Holographic AR Education Program

We offer everything you need to get started

What you will get?

Future-forwarding STEAM Curriculum

Integem education program curriculum is future-forwarding, featuring teaching students important concepts in science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Sustainable income

Our sustainable business model will ensure you have continuous and long-lasting education program with a small initial investment.

More students

You will attract more students with the creative and future-forwarding education program, and scientifically developed, high-quality curriculum.

Regular classrooms

We partner with K-12 schools, and all of Integem education programs will be held in regular classrooms.

Continuous innovation

In integem, we focus on creativity and innovatin. Many of our student projects are patenable. We educate next-generation creators.

Fast and easy to start education program

All of our courses are kept on an online learning management system, so you easily get started.

Abundant availability of good teachers

With our easy to start program and professional teacher training system, you will be able to get abundant qualified, certified, and well-educated teachers.

Fast training cycle and low training cost

We have a sustainable business model with training cycle as short as two days. The online/offline training system makes it possible for low-cost teacher training.

Our requirements

We carefully select our partners. If you want to open your Integem education program, you need to meet our minimal requirements:

Love, patient, and passion

  • You need to be patient and open-minded to educate students from 5-7 years old.
  • You need to be passionate about future-forwarding technical education.
  • Most importantly, you need to have deep love in kids and love to work with them.

Teaching Experience

  • You need to have experience of teaching kids before (any level from pre-school to high school level).
  • For organizations, you need to have an excellent track record of education history.

Education background

  • For applicant who is interested in educating 5-7 years old juniors, an associate degree from an accredited institute is required.
  • For applicant who is interested in educating age groups above 5-7 (8-10 young, 10-14 teen, and 14+ high school), a bachelor’s degree from an accredited intitute is required.
  • Background in science, design, and engineering is preferred.

As the best Holographic AR education program in the world, we look forward to working with you!

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