Integem AI-based Holographic AR

Empower Brands Emotionally Engage with Target Audience and

Achieve Meaningful, Memorable, and Measurable Outcomes!

Emotional Engagement

Maximize Awareness

Long lasting brand impression

Powerful Holographic AR Data Insights

Low Cost, Fast and Simple Set Up

Autonomous and Intelligent

No special glasses | projectors

Integem Solutions

Check our products and services for workshops, demos, and marketing events

For Exhibition & Tradeshow

Emotionally engage with you audience and maximize attraction for your exhibition/tradeshow. Better educate and enable your audience. Have in-depth understanding of your products/services/offers in seconds. Provides your audience a long-lasting memory of your brand and a unique experience from other exhibitors.

Gain unique marketing insights from the audience with built in Holographic AR data analysis.

Simple and fast to set up with portable equipment (a laptop, a camera, and a regular projector/display). Works with booth size from 10ft-by-10 ft (3 meter-by-3 meter).

For Event Marketing

Bring the fun, memorable, interactive Holographic AR events to your prospects and customers, adults and/or children. Create long-lasting impressions of your brand/products/services. Furthermore, you can leverage the event marketing to do A/B test and create vivid persona of your customers/users with our built-in Holographic AR data analysis tool.

With our real-time built-in social media campaign tool, you can share real-time Holographic AR images/videos to gain maximum exposure.

You can quickly set up the Holographic AR event indoor or outdoor, day or night. Both adults and children love fun and interactive Holographic AR experiences.

For Training

Provides low-cost and easy-to-set up immersive and realistic training environment with Holographic AR. It’s scientifically proven that people will learn faster and more effectively with longer lasting memory with Holographic AR technology. People can learn new concepts in minutes instead of hours using Holographic AR. Sometimes, people can have in-depth understanding of a new concept in seconds via Holographic Ar.

Our customized intelligent Holographic AR behavior analysis tool will provide a real-time feedback to the trainees and trainers to further improve the training outcomes, dramatically speeding up training, and reducing the training cost.

For Autonomous Holographic AR Store

Interested in having your own store that does not need staff members, and even does not need to have merchandize in stock?

You only need to prepare and deliver your service/product after customers made the purchase.

At the same time, your customers can directly try your products/services first directly via Holographic AR before making the purchase. Integem Autonomous Holographic AR Store makes this possible.

Contact us to see if your products/services would be a good fit for this Autonomous Holographic AR store.